Passivation is the process of removing impurities from the surface of stainless steel. When stainless steel is produced it has several other impurities in the stainless steel itself. These impurities (e.g. lead, zinc, steel, etc.) can cause stainless steel to rust. We remove these impurities by placing the part into a bath containing nitric acid. The acid attacks and dissolves the impurities on the surface that can cause rust, just leaving the pure stainless steel on the surfaces. However, this is not a cleaning process; it is simply removing the impurities from the surface. We have both nitric and citric acid passivation baths.


The electroless nickel process deposits a coating of nickel metal on the part. It produces a bright and silvery appearance to the part. The nickel is deposited on the part without the use of electricity; rather, it uses chemistry and heat to deposit nickel on the part. We can do electroless nickel on steel, aluminum, copper, and brass.


We have the capabilities to mask all required surfaces and/or holes. We have a wide variety of plugs, caps, and tapes in stock, as well as liquid masking for the more difficult masking requirements.

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